MIResonance is a vision of Kelly and Dominique (Nikki) Keneipp.  The married couple have always had a singular passion for music.  They were reared in totally separate environments and backgrounds.  Kelly grew up in rural southern Illinois, a self taught guitarist and pianist absorbing the sounds and stylings of Neil Young and Keith Richards, while Nikki hails from the suburban outskirts of Detroit, MI and received classical training in clarinet and piano under the tutelage of esteemed performers such as Lisa Rosenberg and Douglas Cornelson.  In the mid 1990's Kelly and Nikki's separate worlds would meet under, of course, the guise of music.

     Kelly had been writing and producing music with Jack Logan ( a long time friend and fellow musician) and other close friends from Athens, Ga for years.  Music critics soon caught up with his unique "do it yourself" work.  His band released two albums in short time, both receiving 4 out of 5 stars in Rolling Stone, as well as feature articles in People, Entertainment Weekly, and became the darlings of Timothy White, editor of Billboard Magazine.  This led to television appearances on the Today show and Conan O'Brien, as well as, two national tours.

     At the same time, Nikki was working on finishing her undergraduate degree at Oakland University.  She was performing in chamber music ensembles, as well as playing in the Pontiac Oakland Symphony Orchestra and substituting second clarinet in the Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Southfield Symphony Orchestra.  Nikki was interested in everything music related and saw as many music performances as she could.  This is where Nikki met Kelly on February 8, 1996 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI.

     After receiving her BA in Music at Oakland University, Nikki relocated to Athens, GA to pursue a graduate degree, in music    from the University of Georgia and to learn about recording and producing music in a studio.  Nikki and Kelly were married at this time and were creating music together regularly.  Even as the music critics moved on to "the next big thing", Kelly and Nikki couldn't stop creating music.  They decided to start their own record label, Backburner Records, in hopes of shedding some light on some of the talented musicians around Athens.  Parlaying their own money they purchased a 24 track music studio and produced 13 records from a myriad of local musicians.  Backburner was featured in Billboard Magazine as one of the top small labels in the country.  

     Backburner's most lucrative release was a record entitled "Merriment" by Vic Chesnutt and Mr. and Mrs. Keneipp.  Appropriately titled "Merriment", was a true joy to create.  The collaboration between Vic, Kelly, and Nikki was not ignored by the press.  "Merriment" broke the top twenty on the college radio charts and was hailed as "Americana Album of the Month" October 2000 in Mojo.

     As Backburner was becoming more successful, Nikki's health was declining.  Around the same time as the release of "Merriment", Nikki was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and began suffering panic attacks on a daily basis.  Kelly and Nikki tried their best to keep secret what was happening, as neither one of them understood it.  Not knowing where to seek help, Nikki and Kelly tried to continue to plug away at their own daily routines.  Kelly worked at his highly physically demanding job as Nikki became ever more isolated.  The music recording was at an ever increasing stall.  

     On Christmas Eve 2009 the severity of mental illness became an all too frightening reality, as their dear friend, Vic Chesnutt took his life.  The devastating effects of Vic's suicide wreaked havoc on the mental health of Kelly and Nikki.  Kelly became severely depressed and retreated into working, to the point of literally breaking his back and having to undergo spinal fusion surgery.  Nikki was so isolated that she was house bound. Kelly's surgery was unsuccessful at ridding him of his chronic pain.  So, in 2011 Kelly and Nikki moved back to Michigan, near family, taking  with them their beloved pets,  their musical instruments, and, of course, their 24 track studio.

     It is here in Michigan that Kelly and Nikki were able to find the help they so desperately  needed.  Nikki's lifelong friend, Dr. Kathleen McCarthy, candidate of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, helped the couple find the help they needed.  Nikki was able to receive  therapy at a reduced fee at MPI and is currently a patient of Dr. Steven Feldman, MD. and is no longer suffering from panic attacks.  Kelly, too is working with Dr. Kathleen Moore Phd. and is working through his depression.  

     As their mental health improves, Nikki and Kelly now have another passion, in tandem with music.  They would like to provide an easily accessible resource center dedicated to the overall health and welfare of musicians: MIresonance.