​     Backburner Records is proud to announce the release of our first project acting as MiResonance, Emma Guzman's "Roots".  We first met Emma and her father, Chris, over a year ago through a mutual friend, Jay Gonzalez (Drive by Truckers), and we were immediately taken by Emma's talent and tireless work ethic. Over the course of the last 12 months we provided low cost recording and guidance through  the entire process of producing, manufacturing, and promoting her sophomore record.

     When we first met Emma she was a thirteen year old eighth grade student eager to record and learn about the entire process of making an album from start to finish. On first listen to her demos, we were taken aback by her amazingly mature and beautiful voice and her knack for insightful lyric writing.  As weekend recording sessions progressed, Emma's voice and songs continued to astound us and we realized that this was exactly what we envisioned MiResonance's mission to encompass.  

     Now, Emma has begun her high school education with incomparable knowledge about all aspects of the creative process behind the recording, producing, marketing, and executing the overall plan to let her talents be heard.  We also believe that Emma has developed a confidence that will take her to her next challenge.  We are certainly proud of her!

To find Emma's music and merchandise please go to:


Emma Guzman Music on Facebook.

As well as, Amazon.comiTunes, Spotify, and CD Baby


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