1. We will offer, at minimum, three practice spaces that will start at a rate of $10 per hour and be available with a standard hourly booking arrangement.

4.  We will provide "open mic" style group performances on a weekly basis.  We hope

     to give opportunity to younger musicians by providing them with peer based

     ensembles coached by professional musicians to give guidance with duties and 

     cooperation needed in such a setting. This will encourage young musicians to be 

     confidant while being able to communicate their emotions and creativity.

2.  We will offer in house music lessons for a variety of instruments as well as music

      theory and ear training. These services will be taught by professional musicians.

3. ​ We will offer 24 track recording services for a reasonable fee of $20 per hour. We 

​      offer two separate recording  platforms, both with professional grade outboard

     processing, as well as, a myriad of microphones suited for all types of applications.

     Recording and mixing will be manned by seasoned engineers with experience in all

     aspects of the recording process and the manufacturing of a finished product. 

​MiResonance is a resorce for musicians.  It will provide Musicians with the skills needed to create and prosper in a nurturing and, healthy environment.  We will accomplish this by offering low cost practice spaces, music lessons, recording services, and musician/band networking.  All the while, making available low fee mental health access and seminars about  mental health issues aimed at reducing suicide and suicidal attempts which plague our society.